101 Black Seed Oil Benefits & Uses for Better Health and Wellness for Life

black seed oil benefits
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The black seed has been around for ages, yet people are only now starting to learn about it.

What makes this alure more powerful when first hearing about this seed is the fact that black seed oils benefits are critically examined and fully studied all around the world.

It’s surprising to know how few are aware of its properties and benefits, however, we will do our best to enlighten you with what we’ve learned from studying this miraculous herb.

Black seeds (from the Nigella sativa plant) have shown tremendous use and effectiveness with its wide range of uses, ranging from common hair shine to skin rejuvenation.

Many studies have also determined there are a number of things black seed oil cannot cure or treat from skin complications to fungal infections

The simple fact is that black seeds hold a complex blend of ingredients primarily comprised of two major active pillars, Thymoquinone (TQ) and Thymohydroquinone (THQ).

These two great compounds, while they cannot treat major inflammatory issues and complications, have been found to support general bodily health in a variety of ways

Did I mention the healthy omega 3,6, and 9? How about its vitamins and other minerals?

What are Black Seed Oil Ingredients? 

Extensive studies were done to identify the composition of the black seed, the ingredients of N. sativa seed includes fixed oil, proteins, alkaloid, saponin and essential oil.

The ingredients of black seed oil enable it to act as a multi-purpose natural supplement for just about anything and everything. Take a look at some of the compelling properties of the black seeds.

The fixed oil (32-40 %) contains: unsaturated fatty acids which include:

  • arachidonic
  • eicosadienoic
  • linoleic
  • linolenic
  • oleic
  • almitoleic
  • palmitic
  • stearic and myristic acid
  • beta-sitosterol
  • cycloeucalenol
  • cycloartenol
  • sterol esters and sterol glucosides 

The volatile oil (0.4-0.45 %) contains saturated fatty acids which include:

  • nigellone that is the only component of the carbonyl fraction of the oil
  • Thymoquinone (TQ)
  • thymohydroquinone (THQ)
  • dithymoquinone
  • thymol
  • carvacrol
  • α and β-pinene
  • d-limonene
  • d-citronellol
  • p-cymene
  • p-cymene
  • carvacrol
  • t-anethole
  • 4-terpineol and longifoline 

Black Cumin Seed Oil 

Black cumin seed has two different forms of alkaloids: isoquinoline alkaloid that includes: nigellicimine, nigellicimine n-oxide and pyrazol alkaloid that includes: nigellidine and nigellicine.

The nutritional compositions of N. sativa are vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral elements, fats and proteins that include eight or nine essential amino acids.

Black cumin seeds also have saponin and alpha hederine and in trace amount has carvone, limonene, and citronellol, as well as provide relatively good amounts of different vitamins and minerals such as Fe, Ca, K, Zn, P, Cu

When you start to peel back the layers of this black seed, you find a Fibonacci sequence of general health benefits which blows the mind away in its superiority to what we think we understand.

I think its safe to say that regardless of what you may believe or think, black seed oil is something we all have to research.

You may know black seeds from a variety of different names, depending on which part of the world you’re in or from.

This black seeds oil list shows a few other ways black seed oil is referred to around the world:

  • Kalonji Oil
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • Nigella Sativa
  • Habbatus Sauda
  • Graine De Nigelle
  • Black Onion Seeds
  • Schwarzkummel
  • Black Seeds
  • Kalonji
  • Sativa Oil
  • Nigella Seed

black seeds kalonji

Where does Black Seed Oil Come From?

Black seed oil is simply an extracted oil substance produced by the squeezing and compression of black seeds. There are countless home appliances that will let you produce your own oil, or you can always buy some here.

It can also be found in variations such as organic black seed oil, black seed oil bitters, black seed oil capsules (or pills), black seed extract, and black seed powder to name a few.

The main origin currently of black seed is primarily in two places, India, and Turkey. Egyptian Black Seed Oil is also not uncommon to find. The seeds are grown annually and are shipped all over the world. All over the world is exactly where we searched to find the best and purest black seed oil. In its purest form black seed oil is very hard to come by, so make sure you do your research!

You can find black seed oil in our shop section as we have the highest quality cold pressed black seed oil on the market.

You can find black seeds at natural health stores, make sure that the seeds are fresh before you buy. The benefit of using black seeds in its raw form is that you can use it with honey as a paste.

What Are Black Seeds? 

The tiny, black, thick shaped cumin seed is most commonly referred to as ‘black seeds’ or ‘black cumin seeds’. They are slightly curved with a rough distinct texture that makes them unique and easy to identify.

Black seeds can be consumed in a variety of ways from bread toppings to cold pressing the seeds for the oil.

You can even combine black seed oil with honey and other natural oils (Remember to consult the appropriate licensed professional when combining oils for consumption)

What makes the seed version a benefit to some is that you can use it in a variety of ways. As for the DIY humans out there, you can also press the seeds yourself (although it’s a very hard process).

What is Black Seed Oil Made From?  

Black Seed Oil is made from the Nigella sativa plant through a process which compresses the seeds and extracts the oil.

The purest black seed oils will not use a filler oil to increase the quantity of the oil, rather they will leave it as is and keep it pure.

You can tell if your black seed oil contains a filler oil by how easy it is to absorb through internal as well as external uses.

The black seed oil should not be too oily in consistency. You will easily tell the difference when using a superior black seed oil by its easy absorption and strong effects.

The pure black seed oil holds a distinction in how dark it is, and the oil should be almost black as you will know you are avoiding fillers that can lighten the oil.

The seeds should be organic and traced to a fine source, this helps when the seeds are pressed, which will produce the best oils.

How do you Take Black Seeds?

You can take black seed oil in a variety of ways, from orally to topically, the applications are endless! In fact not only can you use and take the oil of black seeds, but you can also use and take the seeds themselves.

Please make sure to know the risks and use of the black seed and how it impacts your health. Always make sure to follow your physician’s suggestions as they are most qualified to treat, cure, or diagnose your issues.

Here’s a quick list of ways to take black seeds:

  1. Consume a teaspoon of black seed oil
  2. Mix teaspoon of black seed oil with honey
  3. Consume black seeds plain
  4. Boil water with black seeds, let simmer and consume (Black Seed Tea anyone?)
  5. You can add black seeds to bread, food, and pastries
  6. Swallow a capsule or two and wash it down with water. 

What is Nigella Sativa Used For?

Nigella sativa is used for its many reasons and has been studied in research to determine if it has any effect on diseases and complications.

Nigella sativa is NOT to be used for the treatment and cure of many diseases and serious illnesses, which should be addressed by consulting with your physician.

What it can be used for is promoting general health and well-being as a nutritional supplement or topically applied to hair and skin.

“Nigella sativa” is just another name for black seed oil as is black onion seed oil.

You can find a variety of names for the black seed oil as they have traveled the world over and our renowned everywhere.

What it can be used for is promoting general health and well-being as a nutritional supplement or topically applied to hair and skin

Nigella sativa is in fact what makes it completely different than black cumin oil which you also might have heard of, as well as black onion seeds.

Black seed oil is superior to black cumin oil in the fact that black seed oil contains all of the powerful nutritional properties of the black seed.

The confusion with black cumin oil comes from the name usage mishaps online, so make sure to know the difference!

Most of the nutritional effects are due to quinine constituent, of which TQ is mainly abundant.

Take note that medicinal properties of black seed do NOT exist as they pertain to the curing of serious illnesses such as cancer and HIV which should be addressed with the appropriate doctor-prescribed measures

Black seed oil can be a natural support for your diet.

These are just to name a few since there are over 101 illnesses black seed oil does not cure just as there are 101 black seed oil benefits for general health and well-being.

The 2 most potent chemicals black seed contains that help it to be such an effective remedy when used as a nutritional supplement is thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone.

These 2 compounds are the main responsible elements that you can credit the wonderful benefits too.

At the same time, these two chemicals are what have led scientists to perform extensive research to determine if this oil can be used to cure HIV or cancer which, sadly, it has not been found to.

Black seed oil and diabetes, unfortunately, don’t work together when it comes to eliminating diabetes so it is important to follow doctor-prescribed solutions to such diseases.

Black cumin seeds assist your body’s immune system directly, giving it aid wherever needed.

These powerful compounds were probably the main reason why , wishing to take it to the afterlife and why black seed plants were grown in Egypt.

These 2 compounds are also responsible for striking wonder and awe in thousands of researchers’ minds because of the capabilities the little seed packs.

Although in modern medicine many potential positive claims are still being studied, it shows to an extent the many benefits of this oil for maintaining general health and wellness.

Black seeds come from the Nigella Sativa flower and are grown worldwide today.

Its origins are from North Africa, Mediterranean/Europe, and Asia, and have since spread far throughout the globe and are regarded as one of the most effective natural remedies for things like skin moisturization and hair health.

What Does Black Seed Oil Do?

The simple fact is that black seed oil does a lot! It also has some limitations. This whole article is dedicated to the research of and the many uses and benefits of black seed oil.

When it comes to what black seed oil does for you, make sure to read the whole article to find a benefit you might use for yourself or learn about a limitation it has.

Recipe bonus! Click here to get our free & easy 7 black seed oil recipes!


pure black seed oil benefits
101 Black Seed Oil Benefits & Uses

While many people may think black seed oil for herpes can help or that black seed oil can help with bronchitis fever, this is NOT directly the case as you will see in this article.

Majority of the benefits can be experienced with a natural change to a healthy diet and lifestyle. In the quest for miracle cures, it’s easy to forget how our daily health choices play the biggest role in our wellness.

1. Can Black Seed Oil Be Used for Heart Health Benefits?

An unhealthy heart can be a result of a variety of reasons, but they all stem from a common denominator; not giving the heart the nutrients and attention it needs.

The rich and unsaturated Omega 6 & 9 acids as well as the phytosterols that black seeds contain might offer benefits and help reinforce being aware of taking care of your heart health.

Studies have been done to see if in some cases N. Sativa can help glycemic control. (1)

Researchers conducted studies on phytosterols contained in black seed oil and how it can impact elasticity in blood vessel walls.

The study conducted on mice found the phytosterols to reduced arterial pressure in the mice.

While black seed oil does help maintain general heart health, it cannot prevent blood clot formation, or significantly reduce arterial pressure.

Clinically, it has not been used to help lower your cholesterol and blood sugar either.

Countless studies have been conducted to see if black seed oil has the ability to promote heart health and research will continue to happen down the line.

Black seed oil can have unwanted side effects if your currently taking medication for your heart, do not mix black seed oil with your medications. 

For centuries, black seed oil’s ability to promote heart health has been one of the main uses of black seed oil and one of its most praised benefits.

Just remember, however, that serious heart problems should be discussed with your doctor to determine the most appropriate cure.

2. Black Seed Oil For Oil Pulling 

Bacteria and infections have been some of the most studied potential uses of black seed.

This has to lead many scientists to continue research on this powerful herb.

Black seed oil can be a great oil pulling resource for your mouth. The oil can moisturize and replenish your mouth.

Black seed oil should not be used in place for any antibiotics or medications your doctor prescribes you.

3. Can Black Seed Oil for Sneezing Be Effective? 

Using black seed oil for commonly occurring seasonal allergies can be one of the best supplements to take for added health benefits.

Black seed oil cannot cure and treat sinus infections the way a doctor-prescribed treatment can so be sure to consult with your physician in the event of a sinus infection or abnormal allergy levels.

Black seed oil can be rubbed around the nose or taken as a dietary supplement.

Oral N. sativa seed fixed oil has been found to possibly help promote general immune health. 27.

The immunomodulatory effects of N. sativa seed fixed oil are not related to the effects on Th1 and Th2 cell responsiveness to allergen stimulants 28.

It’s safe to say that using black seeds for allergies commonly occurring seasonally can be helpful in promoting good general sinus health, but it can not quite substitute a doctors recommendation for your allergy medicine when you are faced with more serious sinus or allergen issues.

4. Can Black Seed Oil for Skin Be Beneficial? 

From tone to texture, there are many reasons for someone wanting healthier skin.

With all the essential fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, black seed oil makes the perfect all-around daily skin moisturizer.

Not only is it great for protection (when used for light sunburn, etc.), but it also has anti-aging properties that help with common wrinkles.

You can also read more on black seed oil for skin. (ps you can also read up on coconut oil benefits here, they’re also amazing for your body & skin!)

5. Can Black Seed Oil for Nails Add shine? 

The oil can act as a moisturizer and be rubbed on your nails to add shine and look healthy.

The black seed oil can lock in moisture and help with dry hands and rough skin.

One thing we can be sure about is that as a moisturizer, black seed oil can work great for the skin.

6. Can Black Seed Oil for work for your face? 

Black seed oil for Acne is a common search topic because everyone wonders how to deal with acne.

One of the reasons acne occurs might be caused by inflammation of the skin, which causes people to break out.

A study conducted by AJTCAM was done to determine if there is an antibacterial effect of Nigella sativa ground seeds with water. (2)

Black seed oil can be topically applied to your skin giving it a soft and natural glow.

Compounds such as anti-inflammatory and regenerative elements found within black seed oil can really be studied for there potential usefulness on common skin issues.

While black seed oil is good for helping to support healthy skin and counter the appearance of common acne, it cannot cure serious clinical cases of acne or excessive, uncommon forms of acne breakouts.

When confronted with serious acne issues, you want to be sure to consult with your dermatologist for the recommended solution.

7. Can Black Seed Oil for Dry Feet Help?

Dry feet can always cause frustration and lack of use in lotions and oils can make it even more of a problem.

When considering what will help with dry feet, black seed oil can help restore and lock in moisture to your feet.

This is a unique property that black seeds were known for throughout history, which led of course to it being heavily researched to see if it can clinically fight complications. Black seed cumin oil has stood the test of time.

Help your feet feel better throughout the day and night with black seed oil.

8. Can Black Seed Oil for Hair Benefit Your Scalp?  

From thinning hair to dryness, there are countless reasons which can cause hair issues, mainly by not taking care of your health.

Even if you do take care of it, ironically, many of the hair shampoos, conditioners, and products in the market may actually cause more damage than solving hair problems.

One of the more popular uses of black seed oil is for hair improvement and promoting overall hair shine as well as hair restoration.

Although it’s really not concrete as to why exactly black seeds help with hair, one can assume that it stems from its potent properties.

Those properties are also combined with healthy fatty acids such as omega 3,6, and 9, that have shown to maintain healthy levels of hair follicle production and strength.

Amazingly, black seed oil has been found to be a potential natural remedy for common premature gray hair appearance.

For more details, check out: How Black Seed Oil for Hair Can Boost Scalp and Hair Health.

black seed oil benefits

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9. Can Black Seed Oil for Boils and Carbuncles Reduce Them? 

Whether it’s a single boil (furuncle) or a cluster of boils (carbuncle),  black seed oil is was tested to see if it could work for quick relief.

As long as the boil’s are smaller than a half inch, black seed oil may support the bodies natural healing process and urge them to disappear.

If the boil is any larger than half an inch or exceptionally unusual in any way, be sure to seek immediate medical attention.

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10. Can Black Seed Oil for Massage work?   

You can either consume it orally or rub some oil on the affected areas to possibly see results.

It cannot be used as a cure for chronic muscle cramping and spasmatic illnesses which should be discussed with a licensed professional.

11. Can Black Seed Oil Ease Tooth Comfort? 

Another effective remedy for toothache relief is black seed oil. To relieve the pain and soreness of an occasional toothache caused by chewing a little too hard or talking too much, one may rub the oil on their gums for 20 seconds.

Then, sit back and feel the oil go to work.

It is important to differentiate between chronic, strong, and debilitating toothaches that could be disease or illness-driven and those that are merely the occasional occurrence of soreness after a trip to the dentist.

Whenever experiencing strong tooth pain, be sure to consult with your dentist as soon as possible as black seed oil is NOT the solution to this.

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black seed oil benefits


12. Can Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss Work?  

Black seed oil’s weight loss effects stem from its blood sugar lowering properties. On top of being a natural antioxidant, it also aids in speeding up your metabolism and lowering your appetite. This especially helps when trying to gain back control of your diet.

When it comes to weight management, black seed oil is a powerful natural remedy supportive of a healthy weight.

See more on: black seed oil for weight loss.

13. Can Black Seed Oil for Tonsil Comfort Help?  

Black seeds were researched to find out if they could relieve users from throat pain caused by inflamed tonsils and alleviate the need for painkillers.

While previous studies had shown it to be an effective natural remedy for throat pain of the common and occasional sort, they are not a substitute for current doctor prescribed treatments for tonsil inflammation.

Black seed oil will just have to stick to being a good natural remedy for sore throats of the non-illness, common type


benefits of black seeds

14. Can Black Seed Oil Help Scars? 

Whether they are post-surgical or not, black seed oil makes a great supportive remedy for clearing scars away in support of the healing process.

It is one of the only few natural herbs that have been proven to help remove & heal scars as part of healthy skin support.


15. Can you use Black Seed Oil for Beard?  

Studies have shown that black seed oil can improve the thickness and quality of your beard and help promote an increase in the growth rate.

Although not its primary benefit, you can apply it directly to your beard and it will provide moisturizing benefits as well.

If you are wondering where to buy black seed oil for sale in stores, check out our shop for your beard health needs.

16. Can Black Seed Oil for Bee and Wasp Stings Work?

Crushed black seeds mixed with water are a soothing and effective natural remedy for bee and wasp stings.

Simply rub on the affected areas and repeat this twice a day for moisturizing and soothing skin relief.

Remember, if you are allergic to bee stings or suffer from any unusual reaction, be sure to seek medical attention immediately as black seed oil is not a cure for allergic reactions or medical complications that arise from bee and wasp stings.

17. Can Black Seed Oil for Chest Comfort Help?  

TQ has been extensively studied on the effects it has on congestion. Although no conclusive formulation has been shown, TQ in black seed oil has been shown to promote general decongestion.

Simply rub black seed oil on your chest to remove and clear up common occasional congestion and build up.

The soothing effect is wonderfully enhanced when mixed with honey.

You can also opt to take black seed extract or black seed pills (capsules) orally as well.

Studies Show: For any serious chest pain or other illnesses related to the chest, a professional medical consultation and diagnosis is recommended as black seed oil is not to be used for curing heart-related illnesses.

18. Can Black Seed Oil for Ear Comfort Work?  

Black seed oil mixed with olive oil (1/2 teaspoon each) that are warmed and dripped into the affected ear is a natural way of getting quick relief from ear pain of the occasional non-illness related sort. 

You should place a hat or scarf over the ear after dripping for 2 minutes and let it sit.

Black seed oil is NOT a cure for ear infections or other ear-related illnesses and a doctor prescribed remedy should be used in those cases.

Black seed oil supplement is useful only for common soreness and enhancement of general ear health.

19. Can Black Seed Oil Help Eyes and Vision? 

The oil was tested in an experimental setting to determine if it could be used to treat eye infections as well as improve eyesight and vision.

Since it is used commonly by many as a supplement to support the comfort of one’s face while they treat their pink eye infection clinically, scientists were curious to see if it could be used as a cure itself.

Unfortunately, black seed oil cannot be used to treat infections the way doctor prescribed solutions can.

When using black cumin seeds oil to provide nutritional support to the skin area around one’s eyes, one can gently rub some oil around the eyes before going to sleep.

It can be taken daily for quicker results.

20. Can Black Seed Oil for Nasal Flow Help?  

Black seed oil has numerous studies on its ability to impact congestion, helpful in nasal congestion, and build up commonly experienced by many seasonally.

It’s arguably one of the fastest natural aids for nasal congestion out there, and one of the more popular uses of this awe-inspiring herb.

black seed benefits



21. Can Black Seed Oil for Gas and Flatulence Work?  

Black seed oil aids in your body’s indigestion, by supporting a healthy digestive process, thereby helping you control your gas.

It’s also been studied for its usefulness in relieving stomach stress and gas buildup that many of us experience after eating certain foods.

22. Can Black Seed Oil Be Rubbed on Head for Comfort?

Hoping to find another notorious benefit of black seed oil by using it for headaches and migraines, scientist is still performing clinical studies to determine its effectiveness for such uses.

While good for helping to support good head health both inside and out, it cannot be used as an actual cure for headaches and migraines or to provide immediate relief from the throbbing pain as those could be signs of a more serious issue.

For centuries, Arabs and Europeans have used it by applying it to their eyes, nose, and forehead as a nutritional enhancement to general head health.

23. Can Black Seed Oil for General Immunity Help?  

One may use black seeds to improve one’s overall immune system, thereby improving your body’s defense mechanism and protection from bacteria.

Since most of today’s common ailments are caused by inflammation, black seeds make a perfect herb to promote a healthy body ready to tackle many common issues that people suffer today.

24. Can Black Seed Oil for Breast Feeding and Lactation Help? 

Not only does black seed oil help you breastfeed by helping a healthy body improve lactation, it can also be used for nipple skin protection when applied prior to breastfeeding.

25. Can Black Seed Oil Help Moles?  

One of the less known skin benefits of black seed oil, they can aid in the removal of moles of the common sort by repressing their development and clearing up your skin. (As black seed oil supports good skin health.)

When it comes to treating skin cancers like melanoma, black seed oil is NOT a cure, and your dermatologist or other medical professional’s opinion should be sought.

26. Can Black Seed Oil for Insect Bites Work?  

Whether you were recently bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects, applying black seed oil to the affected area can help relieve pain and itchiness quickly by soothing the affected area and supporting the health of that skin.

This is one of the more prevalent uses of black seed oil, and it’s arguably one of the best natural remedies for insect bites that commonly occur.

One must be careful to note that black seed oil is not a cure for any kind of infection or abnormal reaction to an insect bite that you may experience.

If your insect bite appears to be abnormal or unusual in any way, consult a doctor immediately.

27. Can Black Seed Oil Help Peeling Lips? 

For those looking for an alternative to lip balm, the essential oils found in black seeds can help regenerate the skin on your lips as well as give it it’s radiant color.

For uncommon and serious cases of peeling lips, it is recommended you consult with your dermatologist of course.

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28. Can Black Seed Oil for Constipation Work?  

Similarly to how it helps your body’s general digestion health, it also aids in relieving constipation. One can take it daily (1-2 teaspoons) after your lunch or dinner and repeat daily for more immediate results in enhancing digestive health.

29. Can Black Seed Oil for Back and Muscle Pain Help?  

Many people try to reduce the need for painkillers for your back and muscle pain by applying black seed oil right on the points of pain.

For common aches and pains, you may likely instantly feel relief as the powerful compounds go right to work.

As more serious pain can be a sign of serious health problems, you are always encouraged to consult a medical professional to help pinpoint the cause of the pain you experience as opposed to taking black seed oil gel caps or black seed pure cold pressed oil.


black seed oil benefits



30. Can Black Seed Oil Help Dry Mouth? 

To help treat a dry mouth we often all get, one may simply take 1-2 teaspoons of black seed oil and keep it in their mouth for 30 seconds.

One should let the oil touch as many areas before spitting out (if not swallowing). Then, it can be washed down with a strong drink to remove the bitter taste.

For any uncommon dry mouth symptoms, black seed oil should not be used.

31. Can Black Seed Oil Help Dandruff? 

Not only is black seed oil great for your hair, but it also promotes hair follicle growth and even helps prevents dandruff (Common Occurring) through the promotion of good skin health.

All you need to do is apply some to your hair and leave on for 30-60 minutes before rinsing out.



benefits of black seed oil


32.  Can Black Seed Oil for Pain Help?  

In many cases, black seed oil can substitute some of today’s most common painkillers offered over the counter that are taken for common aches and pains.

The anti-inflammatory properties it contains make it ideal for treating nonchronic pain as a supportive health aid throughout every inch of your body.

Anything outside of the common aches and pains may be a sign of more serious issues so be sure to consult your doctor for that.

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33. Can Black Seed Oil Help Heart Burn? 

Another great benefit of black seed oil is that it may act as a natural support for heartburn relief when the heartburn is of the occasional and common sort. Although there have only been a few studies to support this, history lets us know that it’s been used for treating heart burns for years.

It is important to note that for any type of heart-related pain or uncommon pain not caused normally by eating certain foods that it is important to consult with a physician for guidance.

black seed oil benefits

34. Can Black Seed Oil Help Stress?  

Black seed oil has been studied extensively as a possible way to help the body reduce stress levels, as well as provide many other cognitive benefits.

The studies showed that when the oil was taken, subjects had significantly lower stress levels than the rest who hadn’t taken any.

Although no conclusions were made in the study, having a healthy diet and lifestyle could have swayed the results.

One must be careful not to mistake common stress for more serious issues such as anxiety which should be addressed with one’s health professional.

35. Can Black Seed Oil for Kidney Health Help?  

Black seed oil has shown to help promote general kidney health.

While it was researched as a possible effective natural alternative for aiding kidneys in a non-healthy state, the results demonstrated it not to be a cure for kidney disease.

36. Can Black Seed Oil Help Sperm Count? (Black Seed Oil for Men) 

One of the oldest studies conducted by researchers in Pakistan was black seeds effect on sperm count.

Based on multiple studies, research has shown that it can help a healthy body boost low semen counts. What it cannot do, however, is provide a guarantee of fertility as many factors must be considered (and assessed by one’s doctor) in that regard.

37. Can Black Seed Oil for Bone Marrow Health Work? 

In a healthy state, one may use Black Seed Oil as a nutritional supplement to promote the health of one’s general body which includes bone marrow.

If, however, you suffer from any diseases related to bone marrow, be sure to seek the help of your doctor as Black Seed Oil is not a cure for these illnesses.

38. Can Black Seed Oil for Colic (for babies) Work?  

Having a child that’s suffering from colic can lead to a very stressful time in your life.

Although the cause of colic is still generally unknown, what is proven is that black seed oil has shown to be an effective boost for supporting general bodily health.

It’s important to start with small amounts and increase gradually, following the recommendation of one’s physician in regards to dosage if even recommended to take it at all.

The ideal situation, in this case, would be to make some tea with honey, lemon, and a few (3-5) drops of black seed oil – but again – with the guidance of the appropriate medical professionals.

39. Can Black Seed Oil Help for a Healthy Prostate? 

Prostate health is a big concern for millions worldwide and finding healthy ways to improve it can be a stressful challenge.

While not to be used as a cure for any prostate illnesses or conditions, black seed oil may help regulate and promote prostate health by providing the body with the nutrients it needs to do so.

40. Can Black Seed Oil Help for General Weakness (lethargy)? 

When it comes to curing any illnesses that may be causing the weakness, this is not the solution for that.

Many of us experience emotional and mental lows in our lives, in addition to the top of the physical ones.

For a boost in spirit, energy and overall mood and health, few supplements beat black seed oil. It’s one of the most potent natural remedies known to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to boost both mental and physical.

Always consult with your physician if experiencing any unusual bouts of weakness or chronic problems.

cures of black seed oil

41. Can Black Seed Oil for Urine Production Work?  

Another benefit of black seed oil is its ability to stimulate and promote a healthy level of urine production.

When it comes to how black seed oil can help promote prostate health, more research is needed.

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42. Can Black Seed Oil Help Obesity?

With a healthy diet and fitness regiment, black seed oil can help fight off obesity by promoting good general heart and body health.

Note that if you encounter any of the illnesses mentioned above, medical attention should be sought as those illnesses are not cured with black seed oil.


black seed benefits

43. Can Black Seed Oil Boost Liver? 

In conjunction with the previous point, it has been found to promote general overall liver health and boost function and immunity by providing nutritional support to the body.

Be sure to consult a physician before taking it if your family history has experienced problems with their liver or if your liver is not in a healthy state as this is not a cure for liver dysfunctions.

44. Can Black Seed Oil for Deep Cleaning Your Pores Work?  

One of the results of a weak immune system is the buildup of excess sebum which clogs up your pores.

One may simply consume orally or apply to affected pores after a hot shower for best results when it comes to improving skin’s visual appearance.

For any abnormal immune system problems or skin issues, be sure to consult a doctor for advice.


black seed oil uses


It’s easy to see that the number of benefits black seed oil has to offer can overwhelm some while exciting others.

It is also now clear what diseases or serious health issues black seed oil has not been definitively found to cure.

While you might think it’s impossible for a natural herb to provide such benefits for so many different issues, what we do know is that black seed oil can be an overall great supplement to have in your cabinets.

The amount of value that’s offered in exchange for almost nothing is what amazes most people.


Luckily for you, you now know 101 benefits and uses that black seed oil can impact and help as well as limitations.

This magnificent herb will remain in our books to be one of the most potent and effective natural oils known to man when it comes to great nutritional support.

Where to Buy Black Seed Oil

You can purchase black seed oil by going to our online store! 100% pure, cold pressed, natural / Non-GMO black seed oil!

Share your thoughts below: What do you use black seed oil for?

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254 thoughts on “101 Black Seed Oil Benefits & Uses for Better Health and Wellness for Life

  1. Samantha Reeve says:

    Nice post!

    My auntie uses black seed oil and swears by it, but I havent come across something with this much information about it.

    Right now I mainly use multivitamins and fish oil as supplements, but this seems like it will make an excellent addition in my kitchen!

    • Brendan Wade says:

      Hi Samantha,

      I’m glad to hear that black seeds are working out for you. Keep us in the loop on the progress as you use it more often and become more familiar with black seed oil as a whole.

      Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

      • Jen says:

        Hello, just wanted to remind you that babies under the age of 1 year cannot have honey, due to possible infant botulism. Therefore, you should never t mix black seed oil with honey for .
        Thank you,

      • Samantha M. says:

        Hi there! 🙂 I recently used the black caraway seeds that are used as organic spices. So.. I pretty much sprinkle them on bread, salad, and a variety of Asian dishes. Do you think it would have any kind of positive effect? Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Cecilia. I am not the person who wrote the article but I read your comment about taking black seed oil. I do believe what you are taking if that is the case then no. Black seed oil acts as. I’d stick with what your doctor has prescribed, UNLESS you get clearance to take the BSO in place of the Warfarin.

      • Faldelah says:

        SALAAM Abdul i am taking black seed oil.for about 2 months now Algamdulilah i see results. so will keep on with the black seed oil. I must admit one must believe it will help as our Beloved Nabie Saws said so . Shukran for your post it gave me so much confidence as I did have lots of pain. Keep me in your Duah Ameen

    • Barbara says:

      I would take 2 teaspoons a day. Then rub all around the abdomen every night while lying in bed before going to sleep.

    • Caroline Barongo says:

      Trust me, the blessed black seed oil is the best herb. I can swear by it too. I have been wondering why natural herbs exclude it when it is full of essential capabilities, I will use it any day

  2. Brendan Wade says:

    Hey Jonas,

    You’re absolutely right. It’s the anti-inflammatory properties that make it such an powerful natural remedy.

    Have you tried your local gardening store? They should carry some seeds (Nigella Sativa Plant)

    • Brendan Wade says:

      Black seed oil is definitely one of the most mysterious and potent herbs I’ve ever seen and used, you’re very welcome Jessica! 🙂

  3. Vikky says:

    If it does help, it’s not too noticeable. I tried it on my mom she hurt her ribs.
    It deff. Didn’t do any harm.
    I know it grows hair and slightly darkens it too.

    • Brendan Wade says:

      Hey Vikky,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Black seed oil is known to help with hair growth as well as darkness. Let us know of how your opinion changes as you use it more often 🙂

      • Reverie6349 says:

        To grow hair, do you take the oilt orally or do you massage it on the scalp?
        Thanks for your help hereof.

  4. Brendan Wade says:

    Hey Jacqui,

    Thanks for sharing. That’s great to hear! I’m glad you were able to benefit from black cumin seed oil 🙂

  5. Brendan Wade says:

    That’s great news Pearline! I’m glad that black seed oil was a good remedy for your allergies. I love hearing about people who are benefiting from our topics 🙂

  6. Brendan Wade says:

    Hi Samara,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! You will find out (just like myself and many others) that black seed oil works wonders on the body, both internally and externally.

    I’m glad that you were able to benefit from this wonderful herb 🙂

  7. Pascal Agbo says:

    I started to use this before. But now I know more about this wonderful oil of black seed. I will continue the usage. Thanks.

  8. Nevada Smith says:

    I read that it can be toxic if taking more than three teaspoons a day, so don’t overdose.

  9. Sudha says:

    Can I use the black seed as whole instead of the oil? How much can I take on a daily basis for general health?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Otunba Tokunbo(baba1) says:

    Just read about benefits of the black seed oil and would like to know the quantity for weight loss,gas and obesity. Looking forward hearing from you.
    Thank you.

  11. Lori says:

    Hello everyone Thank you to all for posting, I’m having a hard time taking the Black Seed Cumin Oil because it’s so strong , I have mixed with everything & still having difficulty taking it orally .
    Any thoughts ?? I’ve done the honey thing, Tea, smoothies, juice I just cannot take how strong the taste is , pls help someone.
    Thank You

    • 1st Lady says:

      I drink coffee every morning so i pour the black seed oil in a small portion of coffee that I have already prepared with creamer and pure cane sugar.
      Not the whole cup, about an ounce. That’s how I stay on track.

    • halifz says:

      to lori and everyone,

      if u cant stand the odor n taste, use or put it in a capsule. For those who ask for the dose, whatever disease u have , u can consume it twice daily, one teaspoon each and up to two tablespoon daily. There are no limits as gat as i am corcern, but as general rules, never consume anything so much. I have been taking black seed oil for more than 10 years and so do my kids and those doses i gave u is just fine Tq. Insya Allah.

    • Sidney says:

      I have found that it works?best for me to gulp the teaspoon oil plain. then take a teaspoon of honey. takes the bad taste away immediately. have taken it that way for about a week. the taste of the oil is not so bad now.

      • Cass says:

        That is SO GOOD TO KNOW!! Thanks so much for that suggestion… the taste & odor is– Ughhhhh lol I put it in pot with tea once & let it simmer for like 5 min.. & My whole house smelled like it for a WEEK STRAIGHT!! Never again.

        So thanks again!

    • cat says:

      I use a dropper full under my tongue in the morning. It starts to absorb into your system faster. I leave it there for around 10 seconds then drink it down with some water. The water dilutes the taste and it goes down well.

    • Miss says:

      Put it in a capsule. This is how i take anything that has a strong taste. Just make sure to make them as needed. Not in advance the capsule will melt.

    • Man says:

      If you pinch your nose and hold it while taking the black seed oil (you must not smell the odor) you will have no problem taking the black seed oil. My first time taking it, I did not pinch my nose and I almost vomit.

    • Joy Palmer says:

      I take the oil and a glass of water or juice ready immediately to take. To drown the taste. It works

    • Elyquia says:

      I like to drizzle a teaspoon on my grilled vegetables and eat it naturally. It doesn’t taste good with milk based products or in water alone so why not just eat on salad (mix with vinegar).

  12. Black seed oil says:

    Hello All,

    I also wanted to share my personal experience of black seed oil that is very effective to get rid of hair dryness.
    I am using it from last few months.

  13. Ernest Ghana Kumasi says:

    I have seen an extreme development in my hair.I am just 30 and was developing bard head which is so embarrassing.I just look through a mirror with reference from this blog.i have used black seed for only 10 days and it works like magic to me.Growing hair again my head is just like a miracle.

  14. Joy says:

    I think you forgot about African (kush) Queen in the beginning of the article. You cant forget her. She is the Original Queen!

  15. Angela says:

    Great article packed with information on this seed. I’m using it for my son It has really improved his system. I do wish you had a human editor tho. There are so many auto-correct mistakes in this, that it distracts from the legitacimy if the article.

  16. max says:


    you can try black seeds. 01 part ground black seeds+ 5 parts honey
    take 01 teaspoon morning and 01 teaspoon evening
    i test it

  17. Adesanf says:

    Can you please give me information about how black seed oil can. I am currently taking this oil which was used by a friend .

  18. Irfan Akhtar says:

    I regular use of black seed and fig. Both helped a lot in the affected area. He is now 14 and have literally no left.

  19. KM says:

    Just learning about this oil, but I do know about Collidal Silver. Look it up and if u can you should make it yourself.

  20. Amman says:

    I am from Ethiopia and I use it as a general preemptive tonic to fend off everything. Some long-time users of the oil don’t seem to age either. There are local brands and an imported brand – the local brands appear to be much better.

  21. LisaLe says:

    I just started using bso a teaspoon twice a day and i rub in on my face, neck and chest. i apply it heavily and i am AMAZED! of course am i continuing but cant wait to see my doctor next week! i have many…and I;m just willing to try anything before they find something else. I had open heart surgery a year ago july…but i go to physical therapy..and im up and attem every day. and i really believe the black seed oil is giving me energy and helping to chase my blues away. i feel more like myself than i have since May 15. I do NOT feel like giving up. Im so exciting about life!

  22. Jojo says:

    I’m trying to research to find out if black seed oil can be used as a poultice as castor oil is over different organs of the body. Castor oil packs are shown to . Wouldn’t black seed oil be even better?? Does anyone have any info on this?

  23. Inga says:

    Hi, please I need to know will Black seed oil help? It was given to me by a guy years ago, I got it off and it came back 4-5 months later, so I lasered it again. Haven’t seen it since. I’ve been extremely miserable for years too. Even more miserable being/ feeling LONELY! How much tsp/tbsp a day if so? Also have terrible strong body odor, armpit odor too, No deodorant works, not even men’s. Discoloration all over my skin in the upper body due to me using tea tree oil a few yrs ago smh. Please can you help me, beyond miserable here …

  24. Lady J says:

    For those looking for it in Nigeria, I came across it at Sahad stores (the one close to Bolton white Hotel-Area 11) in Abuja. They have plenty of it and very affordable too. Although I have never used it before. I also do not hope to ingest it but may rather use it topically.

  25. Mirely says:

    I just used it a few days ago. It worked much like in that I had to apply it for about three days or so but never broke out in full. It kept it at what looks like. Mind you, I was already taking the black seed oil orally and then it popped out of nowhere.

  26. Mr.H says:

    Just read your article on black oil.On the strength of,I have ordered a bottle to try. asked my doc and he said because of my job it’s cause is standing for long periods! I’ll post again in a months time with any results. Regards H

  27. Albert says:

    Hello, I’ve read all the testimonies, is it the SEED, CAPSULES and OIL: which are we really referring here as doing these magic works or, all of it, which?

    • Brendan Wade says:

      Hey Albert,

      Thanks for reading. The seed, oil and capsule all come from the same base – the black seed. The oil is made when the seeds are pressed, and the capsules are made from the oil.

      Hope I answered your question 🙂

  28. Andrea says:

    Can i use the capsules and still get the full benefits? Plz give answer asap….and do i have use the oil for my face or will the capsules taken by mouth will help with my face?? Please give me answer right away…thanks

  29. Sarah says:

    Can black seed oil help stretch marks over time? Taking it orally and massaging it directly into the skin… any reports of such cases?

    Thanks so much!

  30. Sylvia says:

    Wow!…very encouraging results. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with black seed oil.
    In my family I am hoping to see the improvement in the following:
    Skin, weight loss. I am ordering it now, so I should get in a week or so.
    Then after taking it for a couple of weeks, I will come back to post on any positive (or negative) outcomes.

  31. daisy says:

    Is Black See Oil good? I used it and it made me upset as a result I vomit and it also caused me to get defecate watery.

  32. LaShina says:

    I wonder is the soft gels would be just as effective as the oil. I have read that the smell and taste is something to get use to. I want to give to my 7 year old and know that he will not take the oil.


  33. Esther Uwaifo says:

    I have just started using Black seed oil, I am hoping .I read the 101 benefits of this great herb and i am looking forward to great health in Jesus name.Amen. And I will keep you posted in two month. Thank you.

  34. Anum says:

    I just came across this article now, I really want to know if it , if yes , is it the powder or the oil and how is it use

  35. rahul says:

    hiii nik.. i am also 30 yera old per your suggestion i am also taking black seed oil 2 time 1/2 tea spoon with black tea.
    can you suggestion how many day have i take ?
    and quantity 1/2 tea spoon or one spoon?
    whats about arabgum?
    plz..friend sugg….

  36. Kalyani says:

    My friends daughter is. Please suggest how she has to take kalonji/ Black seeds oil/ powder to fast??????

  37. Mr.H says:

    Been using black oil now for nearly 3 months,haven’t noticed any benefits as yet.(2 teaspoons a day with honey,to take away the diesel taste.

  38. Kamal says:

    Why is it when Europeans come into the late knowledge of something, in most cases, long before you short existence on this planet, you arrogantly, disrespectfully attempt to put yourself in the forefront of its discovery. Egypt (a Greek term), is really Kemet. Africa (named after a Roman General Africanus), is really Ethiopia,
    In a nutshell what I am eluding to, it was those who you Europeans hate, the so-called Africans, you owe all you have and know to. Instead, with your hateful, lying nature, you’ve dome a masterful job in writing the so-called African and the Black Man out of His-Story.
    When you talk about BLACK Seed Oil, relate it to the people who first introduced it to the world, its was NOT these Indians from India, who also display a hatred towards so-called Africans, Nor was it introduced to the world by the Europeans.
    Tell me, why is it Europeans and non-Ethiopians have this hatred towards a people who embraced everyone who came to their homeland as guest and was met with evil beyond anything the world has ever seen? This evil still ongoing. Those who you call Africans lived on this land called Pangea, before the land broke a part becoming what you today call, continents. I only deal in facts back with physical EVIDENCE.

    • Monica says:

      Hi Kamal. Yes, everything attributed to the Greeks was founded by Africans – or should I say Ethiopians? So, on the topic of Ethiopia, is the continent of Africa originally called Ethiopia? A friend said the Ethiopians taught the Kemets. If you visit back here, I’d love your input

  39. irpan sabani says:

    Habbatussaudah is a common treatment done by the Prophet Muhammad and I as Muslims also consume it for health.

  40. Adeniyi says:

    Can the black seed oil what is the recommended dose. I live in Nigeria in Ogun State pls where can i get the black seed oil or if you by chance know what is called in local language.

  41. otolorin lateef adeahola says:

    I just hard about it through dis media, n am going give it a trial n I will make sure I keep u guys posted

  42. Slim says:

    Rob, in my own anecdotal experience it should. I have been taking Vit C which does a pretty good job but when I started taking black seed oil for the first time 24 hours ago almost completely cleared up. For the past week I had excess and had to do a clearing every morning. This morning, nothing. I skipped until later in the afternoon when I started showing but still it was only 10% of what it was yesterday. To be quite honest, I did not have a this time but usually my recipe cleared anything in my head.

  43. Saeed Khan says:

    All Praises to Almighty God for Blessing mankind with the Black Seed.
    I have used it consistently for the past fifteen years and I do attest to the seemingly unlimited benefits of this Oil.Please people, use this and preserve your health.It really works and is priceless when used with pure honey.

  44. NZOTA ALLEN says:


  45. Rebecca says:

    Hi, can someone please tell me where this information originated. I have been using black seed oil for years now, for many ailments and now I am writing a research paper on it and need very specific information on the actual studies. I’m focusing specifically on inflammation, but anything will do.
    Thank You!!

  46. Jonathan says:

    Hi. THanks for this information. Am from Nasarawa State From Nigeria where can i buy the black seed oil. Thanks

  47. Liz says:

    I have been suffering from nasal, sinus, ear and throat issues completely unrelated to any type of allergies for six years now (and my hair has been severely thinning the past year (I’m only 25,) even though my thyroid checks out.) No allergy medicine (combined or otherwise,) rub, spray, tea, or neti gimmick has given me even a slight flicker of relief. No ENT specialist, dentist or emergency room visit has come up with an answer for my problems. All these years have been a losing battle against sleep, work, school and relationships because of my chronic sinus issues. For well over a year now I’ve given up hope for any minuscule relief and often find myself in a gloomy mess due to a low quality of life, because is breathing not supposed to be a natural thing without burning, pain, itching, and constrictions day after day? Not to mention the terribly irritated skin around my nose from tissues, even the kind suffocated by lotion (some fabrics have also found themselves my snot-ridden victims.) So here is to hoping one simple seed can provide even a fraction of a solution for me after all these god-forsaken years of misery.
    TLDR; my hunt for black seed oil begins.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    I learnt about BSO while living in Middle East. I bought it and used it to brush my teeth…perfect results. Now I am drinking it for weight loss, hair repair, I’m beginning my 2nd week and my sleep has gotten much better, my skin/face is improving, my pores are getting smaller causing my overall appearance to be much better which is boosting my confidence. Praise God Almighty!!!

  49. Thea TM Malicoat says:

    I have been talking black seed oil for 3 weeks and I feel great. Since using black seed oil I have the beast hurb ever known to man.I would advise anyone. Who is dealing with any to get them some black seed oil.

  50. Hon says:

    I recently found out. I don’t have children and I hear that it is almost impossible to have one. Should I start taking this miracle oil? It is almost a staple in my country, Ethiopia. so getting it will not be a problem.

  51. ola Sulaiman. a says:

    please help with a simple and effective ways of using black seed oil or it’s seed for general well being. I mean recipe formula for use.

  52. Blessing, Lagos says:

    Just heard about this seed and oil from our guest today. Definitely going to get it. I’ll share my experience after trial soon.

  53. Sahil Kumar says:

    Excellent article!! In India we use these seeds in a lot of dishes, especially pickles. But we often fry these seeds in oil before consuming. Does this reduce their benefits?

  54. Dennis Varnau says:

    Met an Iraqi gentleman at Jungle Jim’s in Eastgate (Cincinnati) who told us about black seed oil and its health benefits. We got a bottle there (can purchase half price elsewhere), got home and started with a teaspoon. First impression: I just drank a teaspoon of diesel fuel out of our truck. With no honey, it sure did taste like a petroleum distillate fluid. It’s not Nujol, I’m sure. I’ll keep taking it without honey, until I’m told the honey is some kind of a catalyst that improves the medicinal effects of the black seed oil. Another suggestion is to mix it with raw honey and raw apple cider vinegar. Already get enough raw honey on my pumpernickel bread in the morning with butter. Can’t wait to identify and experience generally claimed improvements in health.

  55. JanP says:

    This information is good for what black seed should be used for, however, I need some directions on how to use it for all of these different things.
    It tastes terrible and smells pretty bad too. How can one eat or drink it ?
    Can you provide instructions please?
    Thanks to all who are able to assist. : )

  56. Dwight Anthony King says:

    I took a teaspoon of Black Seed Oil last night for the first time and had a very good nights’ sleep. I urinated twice between the hours of 23:00 hrs and 05:30 hrs., which tells me that the info I read is correct. However, what are the other positives of its use for men?

  57. Confidence Quarshie says:

    Confidence Quarshie Kwadzo is my name, please can the black seeds oil treat bald hair, if yes how can I use it?

  58. Sehay says:


    I am from ETHIOPIA black seed is a part of herbs we used it in our food spices
    it doesn’t hurt but don’t over dose.

  59. John says:

    Has anyone know of a source of the seeds or the oil in Costa Rica. I am from Grecia area in the central Valley. Thanks

  60. Kush says:

    I am kush
    My question is this that is it dangerous if I or someone drink black seed OIL? Because it is is Oil how should we drink it. This is my Concern
    Please guys reply me back
    Looking forward

    • Brendan Wade says:

      Would highly recommend you consult with your doctor my friend for exact amounts to take for your particular situation as everyone is different.

  61. Ann says:

    Brandan Wade, I researched online, and they have the Black seed oil, and the Black Seed Capsules at my local Walmart, my question is would the capsules work the same as the oil, and what type of capsules should I purchase? Thank you Brandan for your response back to my question. Have a great day.

    • Brendan Wade says:

      Hello Ann, the capsules usually have an outer shell that encapsulates a very small amount of oil inside. With pure oil, the concentration is usually higher and thus more effective.

  62. sue says:

    I have been taking black see oil for 2 weeks now. Black Seed is the most amazing oil. Have told all my friends. I also injured my legs falling down stairs 3 years ago. I love black seed oil. Xx

  63. Situs Domino Terpercaya says:

    Hello there, You’ve done an excellent job.
    I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.

    I’m sure they will be benefited from this website.

  64. Katherine Dilworth says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this awesome and informative post. I was unaware that the black seed has so many benefits that are so useful for the health. I would love to share it with my friends. Keep sharing such helpful posts.

  65. DONNA SANDRA says:

    Dear , I don’t know what I would have done without your help. I’m 32 years old and about 7 months ago I started feeling . It was a nightmare.

    When I got home, I surfed the net searching for answers out of desperation, as I accidentally stumbled upon your site (was it faith?). While I was skeptic at first, I took the chance and ordered your wonderful herbs. I immediately started step 1. Six days later, I felt exceptionally good. 3 weeks later and after completing step 3 of your program

    Today, I want to run up and tell them about your system. You have been a true friend all the way and I have no words to express my gratitude. God bless you!”

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